We offer much more than just books.  We have T-Shirts, Hats, Jewelry, CD's, Movies, Pictures, Gifts, Greeting Cards, Bibles and so much more.  Stop by and see us, we know you will like what you see.  The comment we hear the most is "Your Prices Are Great"

 Current pictures of the New Store!


We will offer our appreciation to our customers by offering a Customer Appreciation Card.  This card will be punched and initialed at the register at the time of purchase.  After your fifth purchase/visit your card will be worth 10% off of your next purchase.  Once your card is used for your discount you will be given a new one.  We appreciate your business and want you to know it.

Book Purchases

We have purchased new books from our publishers at a discount rate due to them no longer being published.  These books are marked with a mark on the page bottom or top indicating they cannot be returned to the publisher.  We will pass this discount on to you as they are discounted by 20% at the register.



Jaimie's Christian Book Nook